Cattle Insurance

Cattle Insurance

Protect your livestock investment with reliable and affordable cattle insurance. Your livestock in South Dakota face a number of unpredictable hazards that can cause injury and death. Explore the ways our team at Meyer Insurance can protect your cattle and offer your peace of mind.

Livestock and Cattle Insurance Features

An insurance policy helps you avoid losing a significant investment due to accidents, theft or natural disasters. Just like home and auto insurance, livestock insurance offers a number of coverage options and policy features to protect your show cattle or other livestock on your farm or ranch.

At Meyer Insurance, we work with you to create coverage tailored to your unique situation. Whether you routinely transport cattle to shows or have a diversified farm with multiple types of livestock, we help you avoid major expenses caused by sudden storms or vandalism.

Not every insurance provider in South Dakota understands the specifics of life on the farm or ranch. Work with a provider who is capable of meeting your needs. From your barn to the newest livestock addition to your farm, we’ve got you covered.

Losses Covered By Our Policies

Not all insurance policies cover every issue. While we tailor your policy to cover any losses you wish to protect against, these are the standard losses covered by our scheduled and unscheduled plans:

  • Natural disasters: Sudden sinkholes, nearby volcanic eruptions, and other unusual natural disasters can devastate your livestock. Consider adding earthquake coverage for even more protection.
  • Theft and vandalism: From civil unrest to livestock theft, be sure your policy keeps you safe in these unexpected situations.
  • Accidents: Barn fires, loading issues, and other accidents are unfortunate realities of life on the farm or ranch. Explore our accident policy feature to minimize the cost of these incidents.
  • Weather events: Lightning, wind, flooding, hail, and snowstorms can all be hazardous to your cattle. Losses due to these weather events are typically included in standard Meyer Insurance livestock policies.
  • Collision: If you’re involved in a collision while transporting cattle, then they may be seriously injured. Your standard auto insurance is unlikely to cover this situation, so be sure your cattle coverage does.

These are just the standard losses covered by our typical policies. Discuss your insurance needs to see if there are any losses you can add or remove to personalize your plan. Removing covered losses can reduce your premiums while adding coverage areas can offer you greater peace of mind.

Animals Covered by Our Livestock Insurance

Cattle Insurance in South DakotaRanches and farms in South Dakota include many types of animals. At Meyer Insurance, we’re proud to offer more than dairy and show cattle insurance in South Dakota. 

Here are some of the common animals we can protect:

  • Cattle
  • Chickens
  • Pigs
  • Horses
  • Alpacas and llamas
  • Goats and sheep
  • Bison
  • Emus and ostriches
  • Deer and elk

Whether you focus on a single animal or have a diversified farm, we offer tailored policies for your chosen livestock. Don’t go without insurance protection just because you have an unusual animal or mixed farm.

You don’t have to take out separate policies for every animal. As part of an unscheduled insurance plan, we offer flexible coverage that can be used as your flock or herd fluctuates in size and species. You don’t have to stick with cattle or horses but can experiment with raising elk, pigs, ostriches, or other livestock.

Limitations and Additional Endorsements

Not all losses are covered as part of a standard insurance policy. 

If you’re looking to protect your livestock from one of these issues, then you may need to add one or more of these additional endorsements:

  • Collapse of building
  • Drowning
  • Accidental shooting
  • Earthquake
  • Wild animal or dog attack
  • Disease
  • Old age

You can also add liability insurance to your livestock policy. With liability insurance, you can receive coverage in the event of property damage or bodily injury. Your livestock can be a liability as you transport them or have other ranch hands work around them, but liability coverage covers situations where you’re legally responsible for the actions of your livestock.

Not every situation can be fully covered by insurance, so discuss the issues affecting your livestock with our team to find out how you can stay safe. Some of these losses may not be available to include in your policy, while others can be included with an increase in your premium. With this option, you can choose the specific animals, coverage and cost of insurance. 

Coverage Options in South Dakota

Once you determine the types of losses you wish to cover and the livestock you need to protect, it’s time to compare scheduled and unscheduled coverage. Both options offer pros and cons, so speak with one of our agents to determine the best choice for your farm or ranch.

Scheduled coverage is specific to each animal. This allows you to increase limits on high-value animals without paying more for high limits on lower-value livestock.

Unscheduled coverage is also known as blanket coverage. Unlike scheduled, this plan offers a single high limit for all of your farm or ranch. Choose unscheduled coverage to not only protect all your livestock but also your property.

This coverage option is popular because of the co-insurance terms. The single limit typically comes with a cushion, so you’re able to file the necessary insurance claims even after your property value has increased. The value of the property allows you to increase the limit of the blanket value, giving you ample protection for a wide range of loss events.

Both covered and uncovered can be customized to include different losses and liabilities. Ask about specific loss events to see how you can receive coverage for them in a scheduled or unscheduled policy from Meyer Insurance.

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