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Turning 65 is a Big Deal

By January 30, 2022Insurance

Turning 65 is a big deal

Meyer insurance has specialized for years in assisting People in selecting their Medicare Supplement and Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. There are a few basic things that people should consider before choosing. 

  1. Getting the most out of Medicare
  2. What are your future Medicare benefit needs
  3. Does the plan you are buying have a Network

How do I get the most out of my Medicare Insurance? 

Not only do some plans cover your health care costs, but they also cover you for a variety of other services. It is not uncommon for Seniors to select a plan that offers Dental Reimbursement, Gym membership, Hearing Aide Reimbursement, and Vision Reimbursement. 

These programs are also referred to as an “all in one” plan. Be careful not to place too much importance on these types of benefits as a shopper. While they are very beneficial and do matter, they are only a tiny part of your overall selection when choosing a medicare supplement in the state of South Dakota. 

Medicare Benefits

Co-payments and deductibles are a part of our everyday life, and when you select a plan, you must consider how you think you will doctor in the future. When visiting with clients, we try hard to give you real-life scenarios that we have seen, and our goal is to help you understand how your Medicare supplement insurance will respond based on the services you need in the future.  

Keep in mind that your health care needs will change. It is always a good idea to consider the cost of the plan you are buying and the benefits you might receive in the future. Various services are sometimes essential to our customers, such as chiropractor visits, physical therapy visits, and tests like MRI or CAT scans. 

Many plans out on the market today will often have large co-payments attached to these types of services. Our agents work with all of the top carriers in South Dakota and give you detailed and guided advice. 

It’s always great when someone turns 65; this gives them a guaranteed Issue period. When someone is aging into Medicare, we have no limitations, and we can enroll them into the plan that meets their needs now and into the future. When you enroll in Medicare for the first time, you have no underwriting concerns at all, and the best part is there are no physicals. 

Does your health insurance plan have a network? 

Networks have become a hot-button issue in the insurance industry in South Dakota; nothing is more shocking to a customer than the day they learn that they can no longer see the doctor of choice. In South Dakota, there is a massive difference between buying a plan in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and buying a plan in Rapid City, South Dakota. Doctors and hospitals are not always required to accept your insurance. One essential tip for you to remember is that just because your doctor is in the network today doesn’t mean they will be in the future. Your plan could deny coverage and leave you responsible for those charges when that happens. Our goal is to help people find a medicare supplement in South Dakota that meets their needs now and into the future. 

Regardless of your medicare needs, we have the staff in-house who can take your call or schedule a time to meet with you to discuss the changes that take place when you age into Medicare. Whether you are looking for a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, Medicare Advantage plan, Medicare Cost Plan, or a Medicare Supplement plan, we are here to provide simple answers to your complicated problems.