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Agribusiness Insurance: Covering Farming’s Unique Insurance Needs

Agribusiness Insurance: Covering Farming’s Unique Insurance NeedsNo one chose to farm because it is easy. Just the opposite, farming is unlike any other business. Working with nature to provide the world with a vast selection of products, farmers face many risks. Agribusiness insurance covers farms and farmers with policies explicitly written for agricultural business owners’ unique business and living situations.

Some people think of farming as a home-based business. Yes, but with a difference. Owning a farm or ranch is different from most companies because you live at your production plant. 

As a result, the vehicles you drive on the job and the ones for personal use sometimes overlap. When a storm damages the roof of your house, you also have to worry about in what condition it left the crops. When a fire destroys your barn and equipment, your farm could be in trouble without the right insurance policy for agribusiness.

Additionally, as agribusiness evolves, insurance needs continue to change as well. Growing farms need protection for their workers while on the job. The expanding agritourism market generates needed income for many farms, but it is also creating its own set of specialized insurance coverage needs.

South Dakota Farm Insurance

A good insurance policy for agribusiness provides all the coverage an owner needs in one plan. Having everything covered in one policy helps reduce unintentional lapses in coverage. When the unexpected happens, having the right coverage in place means keeping farm operations running. Agribusiness insurance provides peace of mind to farmers and ranchers who face everything ranging from destructive natural disasters to theft of expensive equipment.

Farm Insurance in South Dakota

South Dakota Farm InsuranceUnfortunately, a one-policy-fits-all solution doesn’t exist. Instead, protecting your farm and agribusiness in South Dakota is a matter of creating coverage custom suited to your situation. To get it right takes dedicated and creative providers that understand the problems of the rural lifestyle.

Protection for Business Assets and Property

A farmer’s assets are always at risk. The usual perils of fire, theft, flood, and storms only add to crop damage or equipment loss threats. Yet, farmers depend on their assets for their livelihood. Therefore, agribusiness policies protect owners from loss of income due to asset or property loss.


Farmers and ranchers in South Dakota depend on their structures to serve their intended purposes. There is never a good time to deal with unexpected expenses resulting from a building or pen getting damaged by a storm. But it’s much worse if you are not carrying adequate coverage on your farm-related agribusiness buildings and equipment.

Make sure your agribusiness insurance policy covers:

  • Silos
  • Barns
  • Equipment sheds
  • Fencing and pens


Farming equipment is a massive capital investment for farmers. Tractors combine, and threshers are all expensive, hard-to-replace items that farmers must have to stay functional. Fire, theft, or operational damage could leave you without a vital piece of equipment at the worse possible time.

Insuring your agribusiness equipment and vehicles protects you from a sudden loss of equipment that you may not be able to replace when needed.

Crops and Livestock

An agribusiness’ crops and livestock are the center of its success. Crop insurance protects from a total loss if crops are lost or damaged by weather, disease, insects, or other causes.

Livestock insurance covers you in case your livestock die from a disease, weather disaster, or by accident. Your agribusiness insurance agent can present many options to meet your crop and livestock coverage amount needs.


Farmers and ranchers have a home to protect as well as a business. In their case, where they call home is also the central headquarters for the whole operation. If the house is damaged or rendered unlivable by natural disasters or fire, the farmer’s income will suffer.

Most of the time, a well-crafted insurance policy for agribusiness will include the farmer’s homeowner insurance. This practice saves money and helps prevent the farmer from allowing lapses in any part of the total coverage, ensuring protection for the whole agribusiness.

Liability Insurance To Keep You Shielded

As with any business, farming needs third-party or liability insurance. Liability coverage makes payments on your behalf if you injure someone. Also, this essential agribusiness insurance pays to defend you if someone decides to sue you. Liability coverage designed to shield farm business owners should specifically address agribusiness situations.

Farm Employees

Workers and farm employees always face the risk of injury when on the job. Therefore, agribusiness owners should exercise sound judgment when deciding on liability insurance to cover worker injuries. Skimping on this vital element could create an unrecoverable financial situation in the case of an employee injury.

Premises Liability & Agritourism

Many farmers find that opening up the farm to customers and visitors through agritourism is a great way to improve the flow of income. But, unfortunately, they are also sometimes learning that inviting outsiders onto the farm can increase liabilities.

General commercial premises liability insurance covers your customers. At the same time, they enjoy a taste of farm life, and it protects you in case one of them gets injured while visiting your place.

Commercial Vehicle

Many agribusiness insurance policies wrap all the coverage for farm vehicles and personal vehicles in one contract. This move saves money and gives the agribusiness owner complete protection from any situation that results in damage through the operation of one of the farm business’ vehicles.

Product Liability

The production of food products carries many risks. One is that someone will get sick from eating one of your farm products. In severe cases of product liability, courts have awarded millions of dollars to victims. This coverage will protect you from having to pay those kinds of large settlements yourself.

Health & Life Insurance

Farmers and ranchers often need health and life insurance for themselves. In some cases, agribusiness owners may decide to provide health coverage and life insurance to the farm or ranch employees. An effective insurance policy for agribusiness is flexible enough to include coverage for the owner and the employees.

When the farmer or rancher needs medical care, the bills can put undue strain on the agribusiness’ budget. However, having individual health coverage eliminates the owner risking shutting down the farm business due to medical expenses. Again, bundling the owner’s health and life insurance with the agribusiness policy saves money and better guarantees uninterrupted coverage.

As the agribusiness expands, adding employees may be in the plans. Attracting candidates that will assist you in growing your farming business may require offering health and other benefits.

Adequate life insurance on the agribusiness owner and key employees or family members will help ensure the farm business can continue after an unfortunate demise.

Meeting Agribusiness Insurance Needs

Agribusiness owners need coverage that will meet their needs today and grow as their farm or ranch does. Customized solutions through policies tailored toward farming and ranching needs will provide owners with the specific protection that will benefit them the most.

To construct a good policy, the agent must carefully analyze the agribusiness owner’s operation, including current inventory and plans for future expansion. After gathering this information, the policy writer must determine the most beneficial coverage for the owner that falls within available budget constraints.

No one policy can cover every possible contingency that could cause loss to an agribusiness. It would be too expensive. The solution is to examine past events, determine the most likely causes of losses to owners, and intelligently design policies to cover those needs.

What is Agriculture Insurance?


By closing analyzing the farm or ranch operation, Agribusiness insurance professionals can write a policy that will protect the owner’s assets and protect the business against devastating financial losses. In addition, the farm or ranch owner can enjoy the peace of mind of personal insurance for home, auto, health, and life insurance.

Let Meyer Insurance Help You

Meyer Insurance is the trusted choice for South Dakota farmers and ranchers. Our team of professional insurance advisors has extensive experience helping agribusiness owners get the coverage they need. 

Our selection of the nation’s top-rated agribusiness insurers will provide you with the ability to choose the coverage that is right for your operation and situation. In addition, we will help guide you to the correct types and levels of coverage to make sure that everything that is needed to run your farm or ranch will be there when you need it to be.

We’ll also make sure that we find you the best quote for the coverage you need. 

Our goal is to get you adequate protection for your agribusiness while remaining affordable and keeping you within your budget. You can rest assured knowing that with our experience working with agribusinesses, you will be dealing with people who understand the challenges unique to the rural lifestyle.

South Dakota Agriculture Insurance

Let Meyer Insurance help guide you through the confusing process of insuring your farm or ranch. We will stay by your side and advise you about changing insurance needs based on your operational growth and expansion. We want to earn the privilege from you of considering us as your trusted advisor for insurance needs for your operation.

Take an essential first step in protecting your agribusiness today. Contact Meyer Insurance and get the ball rolling. We provide insurance quotes for agribusiness in South Dakota to help them meet the challenges of the financial side of agriculture.